"09.05.2014 - Teleperformance - Customer Care and Technical Support Services"

F(QSP1)208 – TP Hellas Employment Terms & Procedures – Job Offer



Full name: Mr.


Status: Office Employee                                        Department: KASPERSKY


Job Description: Customer Care and Technical Support Services via Inbound calls, Email or Chatting in

GERMAN language.

Type of Contract: Fixed term contract for 8hours                            

Monthly Gross Salary:

  • Gross salary 1.250€, plus 100€ in meal vouchers upon contract signature.
  • Extra 300€ in meal vouchers after the first 6 months starting from your Hiring day.
  • Paid Overtime: super additions when you work on Greek holidays or Sundays (75%) / Minus 16.5% and minus taxes due to the Greek Legislation / Public health insurance is paid each month by the Employer.

Extra Benefits:

  • Christmas Bonus - one full salary in proportion to the actual days worked during the period: May - December.
  • Easter Bonus - Half a salary in proportion to the actual days worked during the period: January - April.  
  • Leave Allowance- Half a salary, in proportion to the actual days worked annually.

Other contractual terms: As per Teleperformance Hellas standard contract, applicable to this type of employment.

Availability (Starting Date): 12/05/2014

Pre – employment stages:

(a) Application to Teleperformance Hellas HR Department

(b) Evaluation:    * Telephone interviews, Personal Interviews, Recruitment Tests

* Submission and evaluation of supporting documents

   * Assessment process

(The evaluation period is 4 working days and is not considered employment)

Department Operational Hours: MONDAY to FRIDAY from 09:00 to 21:00

Relocation Package:

  1. Booking and pay for your travel tickets and a taxi to transfer you from the airport to the hotel.
  2. Up to two week’s accommodation in a hotel close to our premises provided by the company.
  3. We will help you in order to find an apartment to stay either alone or share one with a colleague.
  4. The company also offers Greek lessons, free Real Estate Agency fee & other Benefits.

*** The above expenses are covered by the Employer, provided the employee does not terminate his employment during the first 6 months, otherwise they are fully recoverable by the Employer. If you intend to terminate your employment you must refer at least 15 days in advance to your Supervisor/HR department in order to fill in and process the necessary forms.

Important Notice: This document is intended only for information purposes and it is not a contract of employment. A contract exists only when formally signed by Teleperformance Hellas and the employee. This document is confidential and should not be divulged to third parties. During the Hiring process you have to sign the NDA document.

The Applicant                                                           Teleperformance Hellas, HR Department


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