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Το νέο επιστημονικό/τεχνικό βιβλίο του Κώστα Παπαηλιού

Springer Handbook of Power Systems published
Springer Handbook of Power Systems publishedSpringer Nature has released a comprehensive source for electrical power professionals. The Springer Handbookof Power Systems, which is endorsed by CIGRE, covers all elementary topics related to the design, development,operation and management of power systems and provides insights from worldwide key players in the electricalpower systems industry.
Edited by a renowned industry expert
The book is edited by Konstantin O. Papailiou an industry leader with more than 45 years of experience in thepower systems industry. He is a former CEO of the Pfisterer Group and former Chairman of the CIGRE StudyCommittee “Overhead Lines”. He is also founding Editor-in-Chief of the CIGRE Science & Engineering Journaland the 2020 recipient of the CIGRE Medal, the organization's highest distinction.
Another fruit from the collaboration between Springer and CIGRE
This handbook is yet another result of the strong collaboration between Springer and CIGRE, who have teamedup for the publication and dissemination of the Green Books, Compact Studies and Technical Brochures, themost vital and trusted publications in the power systems industry. The book’s chapters are aligned with the 16CIGRE study committees and often written and edited by the sitting or former committee chairs.
A unique resource for power system professionals
This makes this Springer Handbook a true essential of the industrial state-of-the-art and a one-stop referencethat distills the information of industry standards and global regulations. Additional fundamental chapters areauthored by eminent professors from leading intuitions. Several chapters also provide supplementary onlinematerial, including exercises and examples that provide additional insights. According to Rob Stephen, formerpresident of CIGRE (2016-2020), this book “provides an excellent overview of the entire industry in one place,which is unique.”
The book is available in print and various electronic formats and can be purchased from the publisher’s website:

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Κώστας Δόμβρος (79) (1962-2007)

Ο Κώστας Δόμβρος γεννήθηκε στο Μόναχο στις 14.2.1962 και αποφοίτησε από τη Σχολή το 1979. Σπούδασε στο Πολυτεχνείο του Αννοβέρου, όπου και πήρε πτυχίο ναυπηγού – μηχανολό [ ... ]